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Introducing Ignite from Hot Body Secrets!

Our Ignite supplement is designed specifically to boost metabolism AND energy each time you take it. How does it work?

With all-natural ingredients like green coffee bean, raspberry ketone and green tea that naturally contain caffeine, Hot Body Secret’s Ignite boosts your body’s metabolism right before a meal allowing you to metabolize your meals faster. Consuming caffeine produces a physical response similar to that of going for a run. Our heart rate picks up, our endorphins fire and adrenaline is released. In turn, our metabolism works harder.

 How to use:

  • Take take 1-2  capsules in the morning 20- 30 mins before you eat.
  • To amp up your workouts take 1-2 capsules 20-30 mins before you train.
  • Start by taking 1 capsule in the morning and then increase over time as needed.
  • Don’t take this after 3pm, you may have trouble sleeping.