Ideal Diet 365 Mango Cleanse

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Ideal Diet 365 Mango Cleanse utilized the seed of the African Mango. Also known as Irvingia Gabonensis Seed, the African Mango is highly effective at assisting your body in fat breakdown and is high in fiber. It?s a perfect addition to a powerful cleansing blend. A body cleanse can flush out toxins in your body that make you feel sluggish, leaving you with vibrant skin, a refreshed immune system, more energy and mental clarity.

- May Help Purify the Body
- May Help Eliminate Toxins
- May Aid in Cleansing the Bowel

For a total body internal cleanse or for occasional digestive issues, Ideal Diet 365 Mango Cleanse packs a powerful blend of anti inflammatory, high fiber and antioxidant ingredients to flush out toxins and aid in a healthy metabolism. Because the main ingredients act as a stimulant laxative it is also non habit forming unlike many other herbal supplements.