Ideal Beauty 365 Vita-C Serum

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As we age, environmental factors and a reduction in collagen production can take its toll on our skin.  Fine lines, dryness, and patchy skin shows up on our bodies, especially on the face and neck.    Ideal Beauty 365 Vita-C Serum is an advanced, high-potency serum for those places you begin to show the most signs of aging.


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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the damage done by the sun and environment.   Ideal Beauty 365 Vita-C Serum combines the best in Vitamin C as well as green tea and passion flower for protection against sun damage and Chamomile for fading and balancing your skin.  Vitamin A and collagen encourage cell production which slows down as we age as well as promotes firmness and reduces the appearance of fine lines.